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Shanergy Management
Onderdeel van VITISME
Shanergy Management is an organization that focuses on individuals who want to get the best out of themselves. The main focus of Shanergy Management: preventing stress. Shanergy Management teaches you to think from a stress resistant level. The target group Shanergy Management focuses on are: executives, managers , directors and other persons who set a goal to get the best out of themselves . Without any doubt, discouragement and/or demotivation always deteriorates the performance. Discover the power in your body and become intensely happy. Intense happiness can be defined as the state in which the individual in all conditions remain stable and happy. In other words, it does not matter what has happened, the person concerned is not being affected. By changing ourselves, we change our environment and ultimately our society. Control: In our lives we have to keep practicing. We all know practice makes perfect . Therefore we have to exercise more often. You will have to continue to practice constantly in order to optimize  strengths. What do you need is to practice continuously: - Breathing Techniques ------------ ˃ enrichment of energy; - Postures ------------ ˃ promote circulation ; - Checking senses ------------ ˃ energy savings . Did you know that stress is the result of a lot of unnecessary consumption of your energy? How can you save your energy? You can save energy if you can control your senses. One organ that consumes unnecessary energy, is your brain. Learn dosing your precious energy Did you know that you can charge your energy even during the day? Also, while you are busy with your daily activities? For enriching yourself with extra energy during the day, it’s important to control your breathing. Once the technique is being mastered, you can enrich yourself in a few minutes with some extra energy . Make yourself intensely happy. Shanergy Management teaches you to control your energy.                               
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